4- About Gaby

Gaby is a filmmaker and producer based in Peru and the USA. She works in documentary and narrative. Her films have played in national television and a number of film festivals, such as Tribeca, Sao Paulo, Malaga, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Toulouse, Dallas and Lima, to name a few. She has been featured at cinencuentro.com as as one of the top ten Female Peruvian filmmakers,  a new collective that promotes and supports the work of female Peruvian directors around the world.

See her IMDB entry.

Gaby has also worked as a production manager, script and post supervisor in short and feature films in Peru, USA and Eastern Europe, such as The War is Over, Tadpoles, Kid, and Red Wednesday.

She holds a B.A. from the Communications School at the University of Lima, Peru, and an MFA in Film and Video Production from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

You can download her resume here:
as filmmaker
as crew
as media educator.

In February, 2009, Gaby was selected for the 2009 Berlinale Talent Campus, a six-day international summit for up-and-coming filmmakers.

You can watch her director’s reel here.

In the past, Gaby worked as freelance journalist and film critic. Here are some of the articles:

Somos Magazine (El Comercio, Peru) – Historical topics
Somos Magazine (El Comercio, Peru) – Contemporary topics
La gran ilusión – Film reviews

Gaby has also been member of the Film Jury in at the 2008 Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Puerto Rico and member of the Critic’s Jury at the 2000 Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine de Lima, Peru.

In September, 2008, Gaby attended the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, and was interviewed by the REDE MINAS, a TV station from Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is featured at the show “Curtas” (Short films in portuguese). You can watch the interview here:


12 Responses to 4- About Gaby

  1. Mark Lloyd says:

    Hi Gaby,
    Great to meet you at NALIP. I thought Danzak was beautiful. The story of a daughter protecting and preserving her father’s art (spirit) was deeply touching and the cinematography was gorgeous. Please keep in touch.

  2. Mark Pomes says:

    Hi Gaby,

    We met at Villa Oxygene, just outside of Cannes. I’m with the Principality Group which organised the events there. Would you believe I can’t find your business card! It was lovely to have met you, and it would be nice to stay in touch. Congratulations on your film!

    Hope to hear from you.


  3. Fernando says:

    Hola Gaby,
    Me encantaría ver la película Danzak. Enseño el cuento, entre otros de Arguedas, en mis clases en la universidad, y me interesa personalmente ya que adoro y admiro a Perú y el Cuzco. Lo presentaste alguna vez en el área de Boston?
    Cómo lo puedo conseguir?
    Un saludo cordial,


  4. Araceli Ma says:

    Gaby, felicitaciones desde Washington DC, ojala vuelvan a venir, porque estaba en Peru el año pasado. Los pasajes que he visto me encantaron. Estoy en el proceso de escribir un cuento de la Danza de Tijeras y tu video me ha siod muy util. Te felicito por lo lejos que has llegado. Enviame tus notas de prensa para publicarte en Encanto de Gente.com y chequea este web de escritores latinoamericanos nabuart.com

  5. Hi Gaby I loved your blog and reading about all that you do. I am a Member and a Chapter head of a “Pay It Forward” non fee Global networking group called the United Filmmakers Association. I would like to invite you check out our main website and possibly help us set up a chapter in Peru. Our goal is to unite Flimmakers across the world and assist those filmmakers in the film/video Comunties. Our Main Website is… Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Cesar Cotera says:

    Hola supe por un reportaje del cortometraje DANZAK, tengo amigos brasileños que vieron el cortometraje y supimos que habia ganado en CANNES. Ya que en Perú este tipo de arte no es difundido quisiera saber como podria hacer para conseguirlo, pues sólo vi la parte del inicio en que la niña pide que le cuenten una historia. Y quedamos sorprendidos con el inicio.

    Felicitaciones por este logro que lamentablemente en el Perú no se difunde.

  7. Fabiola Arias says:

    Hola Gabriela,

    Estamos en proceso de grabar un documental en Peru y en Mexico. Estas actualmente en Peru?

    Mil gracias!

  8. Araceli Ma says:

    Gaby yo vivo en Washington DC dejame saber Si tienes una exhibición por aquí de tus proyectos. Felicidades.

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