Danzak de nuevo en Londres/in London, again.

Check this out: PERU IN FOCUS, unprecedented UK screening of multi award-winning films made by the new wave of Peruvian female directors
Much has been written about the new generation of Peruvian women filmmakers in Peru itself but surprisingly little is known about them further afield. These talented women have pursued careers in the UK or the USA and have quickly made their mark on the international film industry: to date their films have been exhibited at more than 140 international film festivals and have won over 50 international awards between them.

Leading the group is internationally-acclaimed director Claudia Llosa. The directors and films featured are as follows: Enrica Pérez (Taxista, 2007), Marianela Vega-Oroza (Conversation II, 2007), Valeria Ruiz (A Moment, 2006), Claudia Sparrow (El Americano, 2008), Silvana Aguirre (Ela, 2007), Gabriela Yepes (Danzak, 2009), Cayetana Carrión & Camila Valdeavellano (Salmo’s Memories, 2007) and Melina León (Lili’s Paradise, 2009).

Screening times and venue still to come.


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