1- Press Materials

Synopsis of Danzak

Nina is a 10 year old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father and Scissor Dancer master asks her to fulfill his last wish. Inspired on a short story by Peruvian writer Jose María Arguedas, the “Agony of Rasu Ñiti”

Press Kit (updated 10/26/09): Here


High-Res Stills for Print Use:

danzak1-copia danzak2-copia

Director’s photos:    shot awards_at-242

Dialog List: You can download the dialog list in English/Spanish here.

Festival HistoryDanzak has made a successful run in the 208-2009 festival circuit. In May, 2009 it won the categories of Best Narrative Short at the Cine Las Americas Film Festival, the Marin County Film Festival at San Rafael, California, and the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.

In September, 2008 Danzak obtained the TVR Craiowa Award and the Nieste Tarani Medal at the Slatioara Film Festival in Rumania. In October 2008 it won the Conacine Best Short Film and Best Short Screenplay Just two weeks before, it got the Best Student Short Award at the Austin Film Festival.

You can download the complete festival history of Danzak here.

Danzak was written and directed by Gabriela Yepes and produced by María Cristina Rossel, Mauricio Melzi and Gabriela Yepes.

You can contact us by email at buena_gaby@yahoo.com.ar.

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